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United Way Worldwide is a partner with SingleCare formerly FamilyWize. SingleCare has helped nearly 20,000 people in the Fox Cities save over $2.7 million on prescription drugs. You can find a current SingleCare impact report here.

Get your free card – available three different ways:
Start saving on your prescription drugs:
  1. Show your pharmacist the SingleCare card every time you drop off your paper prescription or pick up your e-prescription.
  2. Get the lowest price possible – from SingleCare, from the pharmacy, or from your insurance.

SingleCare also provides a free Drug Lookup Tool, available below, on the app, and on singlecare.com – use it to search local pharmacies for the lowest price on your prescription!

How the Savings Card Works

(Information from www.singlecare.com)

SingleCare essentially acts like a huge consumer group buying service for the uninsured and underinsured. The discounts and savings on medications are provided voluntarily by the more than 35,000 participating pharmacies that have agreed to provide prices similar to what they give large insurance companies and employers. The participating pharmacies get more business, in three ways:

  1. SingleCare directs people with SingleCare cards to their stores;
  2. People are able to fill more of their prescriptions because of the savings;
  3. People often buy other things when they go into the store to get their prescriptions.

Ultimately, it is the pharmacy that provides your savings. So please remember to thank your pharmacy for its participation in the SingleCare network and for the important and positive difference they are making for you, your family, and your community.

All funding for the SingleCare program is provided by part of the dispensing fee that is included in the cost of medicines when a SingleCare card is used to save you money.

It’s easy to use a SingleCare Card. There are no forms to fill out, waiting period, or registration. The card is really just like a reusable prescription coupon on all FDA approved medicines. Anyone in your family, your work, your church, or your neighborhood can use it. Immediately. You can even use it if you have health insurance, both during deductible periods and for anything your insurance does not pay for.

You ALWAYS get the lowest price. Your cost will be the discount price with the SingleCare card or the pharmacy’s usual and customary retail price, whichever is lower. You are responsible for the entire payment of the prescription medicine purchase after any discounts are applied. The SingleCare card cannot lower the co-pay for medicine covered by insurance.

Prescription Drug Discount Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the members of my family also use this prescription drug savings card?
A: Yes. This card can be used by all of the family members living in your home, as well as your friends and neighbors.

Q: Why didn’t I get a discount and why did the pharmacist say the card didn’t work?
A: You will save an average of 8 times out of 10 over the pharmacy’s retail price. If the pharmacy’s price is lower, you will pay the lower, retail price and there is no savings or discount. Sometimes a pharmacist will say the card didn’t work when what they mean is that the retail price is lower for that medication and no discount or savings apply.

Q: How much will my medicine cost with the card?
A: It varies by medicine and pharmacy. Use this link for the Drug Price Lookup to get a general idea. The best answer is to take your prescription with your card to a participating pharmacy and ask them how much it will cost using the card.

Q: How much will I save with the card?
A: The average savings is about 45% per prescription. However this is an average. Sometimes the savings is less and sometimes it is more. You will save an average of 8 times out of 10 over the pharmacy price. Take your prescription with your savings card to a participating pharmacy and the pharmacist can tell you how much the medicine will cost with and without the use of the card.

Q: What prescription medications are covered under the SingleCare Prescription Plan?
A: All FDA approved brand and generic prescription medications are covered.

Q: Are there any age or enrollment restrictions?
A: No, everyone can enroll and benefit from the plan.

Q: Can anyone use my card?
A: Yes – friends, family, co-workers, or anyone who can use this type of prescription assistance.

Q: Can I use SingleCare to purchase medications for a pet?
A: The SingleCare card can be used for “human” medications prescribed by a veterinarian for your pet.

Q: Can I use my card for mail-order prescriptions? 
A: We offer prescription savings through a number of mail order companies. We recommend that you contact the mail order company you typically work with, present them with the information on your SingleCare coupon card, and confirm with them directly if they offer a discount on your prescriptions.

SingleCare also offers a home delivery option on some prescriptions through a partner company. You can also contact your local pharmacy directly and ask about their home delivery offerings.

Q: I am not a U.S. Citizen, can I use the card?
A: Anyone may use the program if it is used at pharmacies within the U.S.

Q: How do I know how much my medication will cost?
A: You can use the Lookup Drug Prices tool to see exactly how much your medicine will cost at different participating pharmacies. Give your pharmacist your prescription savings card and prescription so it can be entered into the pharmacy’s computer to accurately give you the most up-to-date pricing for your medicine as prices do change. The participating pharmacy will give you their lowest (or best) price available at their pharmacy. Eighty percent (80%) of the time, the SingleCare price will be significantly lower than any retail or sale price you would receive without the card. If a brand name or generic drug is available through your participating pharmacy at a lower price than the SingleCare scheduled price, you will pay the lower of the two prices.

Q: Does my doctor need to know about this card when writing my prescription?
A: No. This program will not affect the way you are cared for by your physician. You should, however, always consult with your doctor about saving money on prescription medications.

Q: Do prices vary among participating pharmacies?
A: Industry standards determine the discounted rate for prescription medications. This means in most instances, all participating pharmacies will offer the same low price. These rates are updated at least once a week, so prices may vary depending on when you go to the pharmacy. From time-to-time, pharmacies may offer special sale prices for a limited time on selected drugs. These sale prices may be lower than the scheduled discount rates, in which case the card holder will pay only the lowered sales price.

Q: What does getting the “lowest” or “best” price on my prescriptions mean?
A: It means that a participating pharmacy will give you their lowest (or best) price available at their pharmacy 80% of the time, the SingleCare price will be significantly lower than any retail or sale price you would receive without the card. If a brand name or generic drug is available through your participating pharmacy at a lower price than the SingleCare scheduled price, you will pay the lower of the two prices.

Q: Why don’t all pharmacies accept the card?
A: This is a voluntary program and not every pharmacy chooses to offer people without insurance pricing similar to what they offer insurance companies.

Q: What if my pharmacist said the card would not save me any money?
A: As a SingleCare Prescription Savings Card member, you are entitled to your benefit. Your pharmacist will not know what the card savings will be until the prescription is sent for pricing through the pharmacist’s computer. If your pharmacist does not want to comply with the program, you should consider going to another nearby pharmacy that honors the card.

Q: I already have insurance that covers my prescription drugs. How can the SingleCare Prescription Card benefit me?
A: This program can be used to obtain savings on prescription drugs that are excluded by your insurance plan or are not covered because you have exceeded your insurance plan’s maximum limits. In some instances, you might find that the SingleCare Prescription Card’s price is lower than your program’s co-payment amount, but not usually. In addition, if your insurance plan does not offer you a drug card and you are reimbursed after each transaction, you may be able to use the SingleCare to lower your out-of-pocket expenses.