United Way Fox Cities

A Safe Haven for Grieving Families

In December 2016, Jim and Nikki welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Angelo into their family. Tragically, he passed away a day later. The grief that came with that loss left Nikki, Jim, and Angelo’s siblings, Gia and Cal, heartbroken. The family endured another devastating loss five years later when Jim died following complications from COVID-19.

After Jim’s death, Nikki learned about the Center for Grieving Children, a program at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley. Ever since, the Center’s caring and compassionate staff and volunteers have nurtured and supported Nikki and her four children.

“My experience with the Center for Grieving Children has impacted my life in a wonderful way. It’s the biggest support that I’ve had thus far. The people that attend are wonderful and have become friends and family.”

The Center for Grieving Children is equipped to provide families with a safe space to talk about their grief and loss while continuing to find ways to honor and remember the lives of their loved ones. Programming is provided at no charge for children and the adults who care for them.

United Way-funded programs provide care for physical and mental health needs through critical times. Healthy communities need healthy people to thrive.

“The biggest takeaway that I get from the CGC is definitely a voice anda sense of being heard,” said Gia, age 12. “The Center has helped me with my griefby having people I can relate to who makeme feel really good. I’ve learned strategies to help me cope with my grief. I’ve learned that it’s okay to feel how I’m feeling.”

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