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Guest Blog: 15 Years Strong

By Ryan Batley, Emerging Leaders Chair 

Time flies when you’re making a difference! For United Way Fox Cities Emerging Leaders, the last 15 years have been a combination of philanthropy, community engagement, and growth. What started as a vision from Dustin McClone and a gathering of a few like-minded leaders has transformed into 1,000+ young professionals giving their talent and time to making a difference in our community.     

A few highlights from the past year:  

Spring into Summer: A Celebration of Connection.

The Spring into Summer event, an annual highlight on the Emerging Leaders calendar, has been an incredible event filled with smiles, games, and education.  

The energy was contagious at each booth, featuring everything from books to robots and backyard games with roaming mascots adding extra cheer! Free books were available for families to take home to prevent the “summer slide” or the learning loss that can happen over the summer. We also provided lunch while sharing the good words of Emerging Leaders.   

Emerging Leader Panel Discussion: Wisdom Shared, Lessons Learned.

Another pivotal moment in the Emerging Leaders journey was the enlightening Panel Discussion featuring former Emerging Leaders Chairs and accomplished individuals who have led this group to new benchmarks. The discussion served as an example of guidance for current and future Emerging Leaders, offering valuable insights, experiences, and a roadmap for personal and professional growth while giving back to the community.  

The Panel Discussion highlighted the commitment of Emerging Leaders to philanthropy, volunteering, networking, and personal development. It also showed how young leaders of all industries can come together to contribute meaningfully to the Fox Cities.   

Looking Forward: A Vision Unfolding.

Looking toward the future, the Emerging Leaders have set an ambitious yet inspiring goal to develop a community of 4,300 Emerging Leaders over the next 15 years. Although a lofty goal, it represents the collective impact these leaders aim to have on the Fox Cities community. Our commitment to leadership, service, and collaboration remains strong as the Emerging Leaders group grows and evolves. By setting this bold goal, we are not just reaching for a number but striving to engage upcoming leaders who will be vital in shaping the future of the Fox Cities for generations to follow.   

In celebrating 15 years of Emerging Leaders, thank you to all who have made this possible. This only happens with dedication and love for the Fox Cities. Here’s to the next 15 years of empowering leaders, giving back, and building a stronger, more connected community. 

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