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Addressing mental health right at school

*This student’s name has been changed for her privacy.

A mom in the Fox Cities began noticing signs of mental health struggles in her teenage daughter, Hannah*. After discovering PATH (Providing Access to Healing), Hannah started attending bi-weekly therapy sessions at her high school. A mental health professional walked her through a variety of critical coping skills for anxiety and stress.

When Hannah’s mom was contacted the following school year, she was beyond thankful that the PATH program was available to help her daughter. Each therapy session became a safe place for her to share with a caring, qualified professional from Family Services (one of United Way’s PATH providers).

In addition to Hannah’s mental and emotional progress, the PATH program relieved her mother of having to arrange time off work or reliable transportation to therapy sessions. PATH is designed to reduce barriers like these, making it a lifeline for students needing mental health care.

This family is just one example of how PATH has reduced barriers of cost, transportation, waiting lists, and more for students in need. Last year, PATH provided 4,945 mental health therapy sessions to local children and youth in their schools.

On Giving Tuesday, we can show kids in the Fox Cities that we care. Every gift to United Way Fox Cities this #pathtoPATHtuesday will benefit students just like Hannah.

With the community behind them, local students can access the support they need in a familiar environment. Click here to see how you can join the movement and provide a path to PATH – a path to healing – this #pathtoPATHtuesday.

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